Mother Nature Cosmetics has been your trusted partner in natural skin and body care since 2017. 

The human organism is exposed to many different influences every day and is therefore particularly dependent on ideal care. The symbiosis of nature and cosmetics forms the optimal basis for this. Both are important companions in everyday life and ensure harmony between body, mind and soul. Mother Nature Cosmetics stands for inner balance and helps to develop your natural beauty.

Our exclusive range for men and women is based on the latest scientific and dermatological findings, combines effective effectiveness with luxurious indulgence, while facing up to the ecological and ethical responsibility of our time and the needs of people. 

All ingredients of our natural cosmetics are carefully matched and tested in laboratory studies for purity, active ingredient content and compatibility. In the course of production, only water of drinking water quality is used and our products do not contain any genetically modified additives, synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens, paraffins or other petroleum products and no microplastics.

We accompany you safely and reliably on your way to new self-confidence and a strong charisma - the prerequisite for lasting well-being and authentic, natural beauty.




Naturally beautiful

Thousands of men and women already trust our natural cosmetic products.

The natural substances in our products work deep in the skin and do not only combat symptoms on the surface. For effective effectiveness and authentic, radiant beauty.





Nice of course

Our skin, which is actually so resistant, is exposed to a variety of damaging environmental influences every day. That is why Mother Nature Cosmetics cares the natural way: 

Only water of drinking quality is used in our production process. Our dermatologically tested products are free from genetic engineering, synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens, paraffins and microplastics. 



one for all

Our Mother Nature range is suitable for all skin types and is particularly gentle on sensitive skin. 

Are you looking for naturally effective care products for the daily beauty sprint? Do you need sensual, gentle care for your next pampering moment? Mother Nature Cosmetics offers the appropriate product for every skin type and for every beauty ritual. You too can use the power of Mother Nature!




Fair to people, nature and the environment

Mother Nature Cosmetics is natural cosmetics that don't cost the earth.

We rely on a sustainable production method that conserves resources, protects the environment and contributes to people's well-being. Our production routes are short and the wages in our production facilities are fair. We also support projects in the fields of education, healthcare and agricultural development Fold Hills.




Tested out!

We are 100% animal-free. Point.