What's in our products: Pure and natural ingredients

Only pure and natural ingredients of the highest quality, carefully extracted from renewable sources, are used in our natural cosmetics. What's not in our products: Genetic engineering, synthetic dyes and fragrances, silicones, parabens, paraffins and microplastics. That's what natural cosmetics are all about.

One for all

Natural cosmetics for every skin type? No problem. Whether your skin is dry or sensitive, blemish-prone or mature: Our aim is to create natural cosmetics for all types of skin. That’s why all our products are carefully tailored to the needs of different skin types.

Vegan, not tested on animals and in FSC-certified packaging: that's Mother Nature Cosmetics.

All our products are made by animal lovers for animal lovers: They are vegan and of course not tested on animals. When it comes to the production of our packaging materials, we also make sure that the paper industry does not endanger animals or their habitat.

What is FSC-certified packaging material?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organisation founded in 1993. It is supported by various environmental associations, forest owners, the timber industry, trade unions and indigenous peoples in order to curb the exploitation of forests. Wood and paper with the FSC seal of approval are guaranteed not to come from deforestation and promote socially and environmentally responsible forestry. When you buy FSC-certified products, you can be sure that no humans are exploited in the course of forestry, that animals are not endangered, and that the environment is preserved. The WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) classifies the FSC seal of approval as a trustworthy, internationally recognized certificate.

Recycle with us – send us your empty product containers

Tick, tock – the clock is relentlessly ticking when it comes to saving our planet! Have you heard about our recycling programme? Send us back ten Mother Nature glass containers (without plastic lids) and we’ll send you a Mother Nature product of your choice as a thank-you gift.

Send your glass containers to the following addresses:


LogoiX GmbH Lager-,
Versand- und Transport-Service
Wasserburger Str. 50a
83395 Freilassing


SnS Commerce GmbH
Wollzeile 12/1/32
1010 Wien

Short transport routes and fair wages – that’s how we produce

Our products are manufactured in Germany and Austria. This means transport routes are short, and wages are fair – we care about conserving resources and producing in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

Natural cosmetics that do you AND others good – find out more about our social initiatives

Mother Nature Cosmetics supports non-profit aid projects in the areas of education, health and agricultural development in Taita Hills, a region of Kenya. The aid organisations we support are in direct contact with the inhabitants of Taita Hills and guarantee that 100% of the funds provided are actually used for the local population.