The process of selecting potential influencers is dependent on location and our individual criteria for each product. As our selection criteria vary from product to product, only a small number of applicants are chosen to work with us as Mother Nature influencers.

We’d like to pay attention to the fact that registering your interest in working with Mother Nature Cosmetics may not lead to immediate cooperation opportunities. It may be that while your profile is not currently suited to any of our opportunities, you’re a great fit for something we organise in the future. Therefore, we reserve the right to consider your Instagram profile at a later point in our selection process.

When applying, please note that your profile is checked in order to confirm authenticity and credibility. User profiles that have notable discrepancies between their number of followers, likes, and comments are not considered for selection.

Paid influencer opportunities take place on an individual case basis and by arrangement.

Here’s how the influencer selection process works:

  1. We decide where the campaign will take place (e.g. Greater Munich area).
  2. Based on your stated address and the locations of your followers, we determine which campaigns you could be suited for.
  3. We divide potential influencers into groups based on the reach of their Instagram profiles (e.g. 1500–5000 followers, 5000–10000 followers, 10000–15000 followers, profiles with more than 15000 followers, etc.)
  4. Within these groups, we then choose candidates, who are then informed by email and given details about the next steps.

We'd love to send you info about special offers, discounts, and other exciting news by email. If you have any questions then you can contact us here.