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How the urban jungle takes a toll on your skin - and what you can do about it

More and more people, especially young people, are moving to the big city – life is more exciting there, there is always something happening and most jobs can also be found here. But life in the city also has its downsides: Above all, stress and environmental pollution affect us – one speaks of exposome – external influences. sufferers? Our skin!

The external influences that affect our skin should be given special attention when thinking about skin care. Because these factors continue to have an effect even years later. In order to avoid long-term damage to the skin, you should take protective measures, especially if you have sensitive skin, to protect yourself against air pollution, stress and increased UV radiation. These measures protect your skin from external factors of the big city:


Last but not least, the sometimes harsh air conditions in big cities cause the skin to dry out. Therefore, you should always make sure to drink enough water and use a moisturizer if necessary.

Viel trinken für einen frischen Teint

Protection against free radicals

In the city, pollutants in the air are increasing, mainly due to the increased volume of traffic. You have to protect yourself effectively against these pollutants, especially free radicals, because these can not only lead to illnesses and weaken the immune system in the long term, but also rob your skin of its healthy appearance. The best way to combat free radicals is to eat healthily and eat foods rich in antioxidants. These can scavenge free radicals out of your body. You should also do detoxification cures from time to time to get your immune system in shape.

Protection against UV radiation

In the big city we are often exposed to the direct sun. The UV radiation, which is often high in urban areas, attacks your skin directly. For this reason, we recommend that you use sunscreen, especially when the sun is shining in summer.

Sonnenschutz gegen Falten

Relax more often

Stress has long since become a mass phenomenon, especially among city dwellers. And that's not without its dangers: Excessive stress levels not only cause mental problems, but also demonstrably cause long-term physical damage. The skin also suffers from too much stress. Therefore, you should take enough time to relax. Exercise, yoga and meditation are excellent for reducing stress.

Regelmäßige Entspannung für tolle Haut

Enough sleep

Doctors and experts often emphasize that lack of sleep has negative health consequences over a longer period of time: but working women in particular usually get too little of it - especially if they also have to take care of children. For beautiful skin, less stress and a generally better mood, you should make sure you get enough sleep.

Ausreichend Schlaf für eine gute Haut ist wichtig

At least 8 hours is ideal. Going to bed at the same time every day, not eating hours before going to sleep, and not staring at screens like your smartphone, tablet or television helps optimize sleep time.

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