Retinolcreme für die Haut

Why every 20-something shoud be using a Retinol cream

Youthful and wrinkle-free skin forever? Of course, in your early 20s aging is the least of your worries! But exam stress, dating issues, and your flatmate’s untidiness can quickly bring a frown to your face. To ensure your skin stays smooth and supple no matter what life throws at you we recommend using a retinol cream. You can read about why retinol is one of our favourite ingredients and its effects on your skin here.

After a night out you wake up feeling groggy and a little hungover, but otherwise not out of the ordinary. You think to yourself you’ll be able to get through your morning lectures just fine, but upon glancing in the mirror you suddenly freeze. Studying your reflection, you can see more clearly: seemingly overnight, crow’s feet wrinkles have emerged around your eyes. You’re starting to panic, you’re only in your mid-20s after all! Is this the end of your carefree youth?


While the story above may seem a little scary, many people begin to experience premature signs of aging in their twenties. If you have too, the solution to this issue may be retinol. Retinol is the purest form of Vitamin A, usually obtained from egg yolk and carrots, and an important component in the regeneration of skill cells. Excessive sun exposure and the natural skin aging process lead to a reduction of Vitamin A in the skin, which causes skin elasticity to decrease and increases the likelihood of wrinkles to appear.


Retinol has been recognized as a powerful weapon against wrinkles and premature skin aging for numerous years. While first created to treat acne, the ability of retinol to reduce fine lines and other signs of aging has been known since the 1970s. And retinol has been hyped for good reason. Scientific studies have proven the anti-aging effects of retinol, and that using retinol helps clear the complexion.

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Retinol Creme

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