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Say goodbye to bad beauty habits - why the right skin cleansing is so important

Radiant, rosy skin, fine pores, a complexion that glows from within - at a young age, the complexion radiates all by itself. The skin has sufficient elasticity and is very well supplied with blood even without intensive training sessions or long walks. With increasing age, the skin loses moisture and sags. If bad beauty habits are added to this, we can look years older than we actually are. While we want to look good 24/7, going to bed with foundation, mascara, and lipstick on is a bad idea.

Mother Nature Hautreinigung

Pimples, wrinkles, inflammation and the like - skin aging due to inadequate skin cleansing

The most important step in the daily beauty routine? The facial cleansing! Only clean skin can properly absorb the active ingredients in day and night creams, serums and toners. Only when make-up, sweat and excess sebum have been removed can these beautifiers penetrate deep into the skin and unfold their full effect. If you often do without thorough skin cleansing in the evening, this can not only lead to clogged pores, skin irritation and pimples, but also to premature skin aging. Liquid make-up in particular often contains oils that clog the pores of your skin and make it almost impossible for you make to regenerate sufficiently. The consequence? Pimples and first wrinkles. Not removing stubborn mascara and eyeliner can not only result in broken lashes on your pillow, but also lead to eye irritation and serious inflammation. You should also part with your favorite lipstick overnight and only apply a light care balm after cleaning the mouth area. The waxes contained in lipsticks not only remove moisture from the lips, but also dry out the area around the lips. This makes your skin more susceptible to inflammation.

Abschminken vor dem Schlafengehen

Foam, gel, oil or mask? Doesn't matter! The main thing is to get rid of the dirt

The best facial cleanser depends on your skin type and the makeup you use. Do you like wearing foundation, bronzer and waterproof mascara? Then oil-based cleansing products can probably help you best to remove stubborn make-up residues. Your skin is sensitive and dries out quickly? A mild cleansing foam gently removes dirt, sweat and make-up from your skin without disturbing the delicate balance of your skin. For oily and blemish-prone skin, a light gel can prevent the skin from being stripped of its natural oils, drying out and developing new pimples. Do you love practical, soft cleansing wipes that you can use to remove make-up and co. from your entire face in no time at all? However, since these are actually designed for cleaning the entire facial area, they are often too aggressive for the sensitive eye area. Cleansing wipes often also contain preservatives that attack and age the skin. Since there is no need to rinse off with water afterwards, some of the dirt remains on the skin. For a make-up removal boost after a night of partying, cleaning wipes are okay every now and then, but you should better avoid using them every day.

Gesichtsreinigung für empfindliche Haut

Once a week you should also treat your skin to a deep-cleansing mask treatment, for example with soothing Dead Sea mud and white clay. It not only removes dead skin cells, but also pampers you with an extra dose of care. While you relax extensively, the valuable ingredients can have a particularly deep, fast and concentrated effect. your complexion? Pore-deep clean, visibly revitalized and freed from gray haze.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

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