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Several times a year we demand and support aid projects in disadvantaged regions. In order to ensure that our support gets to where it is needed, transparency is important to us: Since we work with small NPOs and are in constant contact with them, we can easily trace the use of the funds raised at any time. We are currently supporting the planting of banana trees and avocado, mango and papaya trees in the Taita Hills region of Kenya. 

The surplus of fruit from the planted fruit trees is sold at the nearby market. From this proceeds, other groceries, e.g. B. oil and rice, bought for the food in the kindergarten. Together with the non-profit association Taita Hills e.V. and your help, we are trying to make the world a little bit better - starting in Mghondinyi.

Help without detours - 100% of our donations flow into the project work on site

The approximately 100 men, women and children of the village of Mghondinyi in the Taita Hills have to fight for their livelihood every day. Up to 10 family members live there in mud huts, sometimes in very small spaces, and have neither access to running water nor electricity. There is only work for the men in Mombasa, Kenya's second largest port city, which is 3.5 hours away by bus. The people of the Taita Hills live mainly from growing fruit and vegetables, which the women then sell at the market. The dry season lies between the "big rainy season", which lasts from the beginning of March to the end of May, and the "little rainy season", which extends from the beginning of November to mid-December. Since there is no rain at all during the dry season, which is so necessary for the harvest, there are sometimes dramatic crop failures. The poor infrastructure and difficult weather conditions make life in Taita Hills a constant challenge for all families. The non-profit association Taita Hills Hilfe e.V. has therefore made it its goal to enable families to be independent and adequately self-sufficient in the long term. In the past, for example, a solar pump will be installed and the construction of a larger cooking area will be completed. In addition to the daily milk supply, the purchase of goats enables the kindergarten children to have a daily supply of filling Uji, a porridge made from cornmeal and milk. 


With your help we would like to change the living conditions of the people in Taita Hills in the long term. By purchasing our products, you are helping to sustainably improve the living conditions of the people in Mghondinyi in cooperation with the association Taita Hills Hilfe e.V.


The road to a fairer world is long - let's walk a little together.

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