Mother Nature Dead Sea Mud Mask

Skin problems? Slap on the mud! How mud masks benefit your skin

A fresh sea breeze caresses your face, you can hear seagulls screeching in the distance and the sand under your feet is warm from the afternoon sun. But then the phone rings and – you’re back at your desk. The beach and the sea are a long way away, but you want to feel that sun-kissed freshness on your face? Mother Nature Dead Sea Mud Mask will bring a glow to your face and pamper your skin like a long summer’s day by the seaside

Summer fresh skin thanks to mud and silt

Our mud mask contains a generous helping of precious ingredients. Mud extract and silt extracted from algae deposits come directly from the bottom of the Dead Sea and are ideal for skin masks as they remove excess sebum and dead skin cells. White clay provides your skin with important micronutrients and minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron. Shea butter and calendula have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect and help to slow down the aging process of the skin. A power package with a whole range of goodies!

Meerschlamm für reine Haut

Smooth skin from head to toe

Mud from the Dead Sea revitalizes the skin, absorbs impurities and regulates sebum production. At the same time, bacterial strains on the skin are neutralized and toxins in deeper layers of the skin are absorbed. Perfect for a squeaky clean and healthy face – but you can also use it for other parts of the body. The mud is also perfect for treating acne on your back or neurodermatitis on your hands, because it provides instant relief for inflammations and has a long-lasting soothing effect on the skin.

Mother Nature Mud Mask

Healthy skin with gloriously cool sea mud

Mother Nature Dead Sea Mud Mask is easy to integrate into your daily beauty routine. The soft and creamy texture feels smooth on the skin and is easy to rinse off. The combination of mud, silt extract and white clay stimulates blood circulation, deep cleanses the skin and prevents premature development of wrinkles. For a healthy and youthfully fresh complexion.

Mother Nature Naturkosmetik Dead Sea Mud Mask
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