Hautpflege in der kalten Jahreszeit

Skin care in the cold season - naturally beautiful through the winter

When it's cold and uncomfortable outside, it puts a lot of strain on the skin. Because cold, wind and moisture in combination with dry heating air take a toll on the largest organ in the human body. But don't worry, with the right natural care, you can get your skin through the cold season unscathed and healthy. 

The dangers of winter: dry skin and frostbite

When it's cold, the blood vessels in the skin constrict to retain heat in the body. The metabolism of the skin changes, the function of the sebaceous glands decreases and the surface of the skin becomes much more vulnerable to external influences. This means that skin that is already dry can tend to feel even more tight and itchy. Even tears in the skin are possible. They often manifest themselves in unsightly redness and eczema. Frostbite can occur if the skin is covered with too much moisture, for example from creams with a very high water content. It is therefore advisable to use natural skin care products with a slightly higher fat content. However, if you tend to have oily skin, you should also use lighter care such as moisturizing gels in winter, possibly in combination with special protection against the cold. 

5 tips against dry skin

At up to two square meters, the skin is the largest human sensory organ. When unbalanced, it disrupts overall well-being. If it is particularly stressed by the change of cold and hot air, it needs the right care. A few small precautionary measures can make a big difference:
Use a richer moisturizing cream in winter than in summer: it keeps the skin smooth and supple. Don't forget your lip balm!
Use air humidifiers: dry heating air removes moisture, the humidity in a room should ideally be 40 to 60 percent.
Do not take long baths or hot showers: they dry out the skin further.
Don't forget sun protection: even in winter, UV light affects the skin and promotes premature skin aging.
Care habits should be adapted to the weather: natural skin care with soothing, anti-irritant ingredients is preferable to alcohol-based, drying agents.

The right skin care in winter - step by step

With the right skin care you can optimally support your skin in winter. It is important to cleanse the skin thoroughly at least once a day. This frees the pores from dirt and the ingredients of natural skin care can penetrate the skin better. The water should not be too hot so as not to dry out the skin further. Mild cleansing lotions and pH-neutral care products are also preferable. After cleansing, the skin should be creamed once or twice with rich, moisturizing creams with herbal ingredients. This supports the natural protective layer of the skin and you are well prepared for the stresses of winter. 

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