DIY Kosmetik mit Kräutern Naturkosmetik

For real herbal witches: 3 quick DIY beauty treasures

Modern herbal witches know about the (healing) powers of wild herbs in cosmetic products and are primarily equipped with whisks today. Because herbs not only give every dish the right flavor, but also play an important role in the manufacture of cosmetics due to their valuable properties. For example, thyme and rosemary have a stimulating and blood circulation-promoting effect, while basil has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Mint not only refreshes, but also helps against skin impurities and relieves itching. When the temperatures drop outside, we like to make ourselves comfortable at home. But boredom shouldn't arise. Are you looking for a new hobby? Then try it with homemade cosmetics!

No false magic - effective DIY cosmetics for stressed skin

DIY cosmetics ("do it yourself") cosmetics are created almost by magic and are also very trendy. With just a few ingredients, you can make inexpensive cosmetics that are usually very well tolerated and care in a particularly gentle way. Especially if you want to know exactly which ingredients are in your shampoo, peeling, etc. (and which ones are better not), it is advisable to use a spatula, bowl and whisk yourself more often. And best of all: the in-house stirring and cooking is a lot of fun! Since the Hygiene is the most important thing in in-house cosmetics production, measuring cups, stirring sticks, pots and other utensils that you use for production must be meticulously clean. Because mostly fresh ingredients and no preservatives are used, the lifespan of DIY products is generally very limited. However, since products in jars become contaminated particularly quickly when you reach into them, it is better to store your homemade beauty treasures in jars with a hygienic pressure dispenser. Do you have fresh or dried herbs such as mint, basil or thyme at home? Then get to the herb pots and off you go!

Really touching: mint-cucumber mask

What you need:
Fresh (organic) mint
2 fresh (organic) cucumbers
Mint has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect and also has an invigorating effect. Cucumber not only provides a moisture kick, but also has a clarifying and pore-refining effect.


Cut the two well-washed cucumbers very small. You can also puree them or chop them up in a blender. Since important vitamins and minerals are mainly found under the skin, it is important that you do not peel the cucumbers.

Crush the mint leaves (the quickest way is to gently crush them with a small mortar and pestle). Mix the cucumber mass with some water and heat it up in a saucepan. Add a handful of the chopped mint leaves and mix well. Spread the cooled but still slightly warm mint cucumber paste on your cleansed face. Enjoy 20-25 minutes on the skin, rinse off with lukewarm water, done.

No more splitting hairs: rosemary chestnut shampoo

Due to its clarifying and invigorating properties, rosemary is a popular remedy for acne and blemished skin. In addition, the aromatically fragrant herb is also said to work on eczema, athlete's foot, cellulite and poorly healing wounds. But rosemary can do a lot more: In shampoos, it stimulates blood circulation in our scalp, giving us shiny, silky hair. With chestnuts you can not only make funny little men and other autumn decorations in autumn. The horse chestnut, which, unlike the chestnut, does not belong to the beech family but to the soap tree family, forms the perfect basis for a (vegan) DIY shampoo due to its antibacterial, blood circulation-promoting and gently cleansing effect. Apples smell great, clean the hair particularly gently and turn unruly strands into shiny, powerful manes.

What you need:

20 pcs. Rosskastanien
1 Rosmarinzweig
2 apples
700ml of water
1 tbsp cold-pressed oil
possibly agar agar or apple pectin

Chop the horse chestnuts, cut the rosemary sprig and the apples very small. In a large saucepan, simmer the chestnuts, rosemary and apples for 30 minutes, then strain. Then rub in the apple pectin or agar agar until the brew has a gel-like texture. Pour into an empty shampoo bottle and keep tightly closed.

Goodbye stress, ahoy bathtub: Aromatic herbal bath salts

Bath salts relax, harmonize and are real benefactors, especially when you have a cold. Ready-made bath products smell nice, but they often contain many artificial additives that have no place in our bathtub. A bath with homemade bath salts made from fine sea salt and aromatic herbs can Remedy for stress, inner restlessness, colds, rheumatism, joint problems, muscle pain and many other ailments. In particular, the essential oils that are inhaled through the vapors or absorbed through the skin have a stress-relieving and healing effect. Salt from the Dead Sea contains essential minerals and trace elements whose nurturing and regenerating effects have been known since ancient times. It promotes blood circulation in the skin, stimulates the formation of new skin cells and ensures a clearer complexion. Bath salts are a dime a dozen. Our DIY bath salts are not only purely natural, but are also quick to make and a great gift, and not just at Christmas time.


500g Dead Sea bath salt or sea salt
1 tbsp fresh or dried herbs such as thyme, sage, marjoram
5 drops of organic eucalyptus essential oil


Chop the herbs and place in a bowl. Then add the salt and the essential oil, mix everything well and then fill into a clean screw-top jar. Caution: If you use fresh herbs, the container must be left open for about a week so that the moisture can escape from the herbs. With dry herbs, the bath salt can be used immediately.

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