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Proper care is the main thing

Do not go to bed without removing your make-up, good day and night care, appropriate sun protection, a diet rich in vitamins and drink lots and lots of (water) – we actually know exactly what is good for our skin. But the skin often speaks a different language when you look in the mirror in the morning: clogged pores, dark circles under the eyes, redness, wrinkles - and these are the more harmless symptoms that put our daily beauty rituals, sleeping, eating and drinking habits to the test. And with allergies, acne or neurodermatitis, it takes a lot of sensitivity to give the sensitive skin what it needs - and leave out everything else. 

When the skin goes haywire

Women who design their beauty routine according to the motto "More is more" and who like to wear make-up frequently are particularly at risk of developing perioral dermatitis, the so-called "stewardesses' disease". The well-intentioned but excessive care then leads to severe dehydration of the skin, since the natural barrier is disturbed and the skin can no longer store moisture. Instead of the hoped-for soft, rosy complexion, painful skin problems appear: especially in the mouth area, the skin is irritated, scaly and inflamed. The first step is to completely do without the usual care products. In addition to mental stress, contact with irritating substances can also aggravate the eczema in neurodermatitis. The result is inflamed, scaly, often weeping skin areas and extreme itching. Gentle and low-irritation skin care that helps to protect the damaged skin barrier and make it more resistant to harmful influences is particularly important.

Care the natural way: natural cosmetics

If the skin needs to find its natural balance again and the skin barrier needs to be protected from harmful influences, it can be worth switching to mild, type-appropriate natural cosmetic products. This can also be useful if the skin does not tolerate certain substances in conventional cosmetics. The MOTHER NATURE natural cosmetic products for all skin types are free of everything that sensitive skin does not need: genetic engineering, synthetic colors and fragrances, silicones, parabens, paraffins and microplastics. Because skin that is supplied with the best of nature is also able to normalize under- or over-functioning. Trust the power of nature and take the time for what really counts in life.

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