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The right skin care in summer

The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer - summer is finally here. Like your clothes, you should also adapt your skin care products to the warm summer months and store the care products that you use in winter at the back of the beauty cabinet. Many forget to change their care routine and use care products in the summer that have too high a fat content - pimple alert included! While the skin needs to be protected from the cold, wind and heating air in winter, and rich creams are just what you need, in summer your skin needs light textures that don’t clog it, moisture and sun protection. 

UV rays - What effects the sun's rays have on your body

Sonne macht Spaß – aber nur mit der richtigen Hautpflege

In summer it is particularly important to protect the skin from UV rays. The UV light is an ultraviolet radiation of sunlight and also an infrared light that can be felt as heat. These UV rays are of particular importance in the human organism for the production of vitamin D.

There are different spectrums of UV light, all of which have different physical properties and affect the organism in different ways. The human body has repair mechanisms that are able to minimize the damage caused by radiation - but if you expose yourself to the sun for too long, too often and without protection, the skin's self-protection is no longer sufficient. Sunbathing for too long can cause minor to severe damage to your health. If you don't use cream or not enough, sooner or later you will not only be confronted with painful sunburn, dark spots and deep wrinkles, but in the worst case with (fatal) skin cancer.

Why? Too much UV light breaks down the collagen in your connective tissue - premature skin aging and dermis are the consequences. Too high a concentration of UV rays can also damage the skin and cause dark spots, unfavorably change existing spots and cause various types of skin cancer. So make sure you enjoy the sun's rays to a reasonable extent and don't forget to put on enough sunscreen.  

Sunscreen & SPF – Use care products with a sun protection factor

In summer it is essential to use sunscreen! These offer effective protection against damage to your skin from UV light. Which sunscreen is right for you depends on your skin type and the intensity of the sun. The light protection factor (SPF), or sun protection factor (SPF), supports your skin's own protection time and thus prevents sun damage. The motto here is: the lighter the skin, the higher the sun protection factor should be.

It is important that you apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you first come into contact with the sun and refresh it every two hours. It's best to apply sunscreen to your face first thing in the morning, before breakfast on the patio or morning coffee in the garden! A total of 7-10 teaspoons of sunscreen for the body, including the face, is recommended. 


Ausreichend Sonnencreme zum Schutz vor frühzeitiger Hautalterung und Sonnenschäden

After each bath, it is essential to apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn and skin damage! Remember that you shouldn't stay out in the sun indefinitely with sunscreen on, but rather give your body breaks in the shade to regenerate. Avoid the midday sun in particular, because the sun's rays are strongest between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. and can cause the most damage.

Tip: When it comes to sunscreen, don't forget your lips. The best way to do this is to use lip care with an appropriate sun protection factor that adequately protects thin and sensitive skin.


Skin care from the outside - The right protection for your skin in summer

In winter, the skin needs care products that have a high fat content in order to protect it from the cold in the best possible way. These products are unsuitable for the summer: Due to the increased sweating and the greater production of sebum, the skin is now inherently greasy. Rich textures and oil further clog pores, and imperfections and pimples pile up. 

Do you know the feeling when your skin on your face is uncomfortably tight and very dry after a day at the pool? The chlorine in the baths and the salt in the sea are very harmful to the skin and you should clean your face thoroughly with clear water after every bath. In summer, your skin needs care products that give it enough moisture but no fat. Moisturizing shower gels and soaps are particularly good for this because they compensate for the skin's loss of moisture without clogging it. 

After sunbathing, after-sun products are particularly suitable: These have a low fat content, provide your skin with sufficient moisture and support regeneration. light aloe vera gel after sunbathing  not only provides soothing moisture, but also soothes irritated skin. The light texture is pleasantly cool, Reduces redness and leaves nothing but a healthy skin feeling.


Skin care from within – your skin is thirsty too!

In summer you can not only do something good for your skin by applying sunscreen and gels, you can also take care of it from the inside. In summer, the skin loses a lot of fluid due to the high temperatures and the resulting increased sweating. It loses elasticity, becomes dry and strained. For well cared for, resistant and healthy skin even at high temperatures, it is therefore essential to drink enough. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day to keep your skin healthy and elastic in the summer. Instead of water, you can also use unsweetened teas, or give your water a special freshness kick by adding fresh lemon, orange and mint.



Serums and gels - Why these are particularly useful in summer

Leichte Texturen für die Hautpflege im Sommer

Due to their light texture, serums are a real insider tip for hot summer days. After a thorough facial cleansing, in which you have removed all make-up and sunscreen residue and your skin is particularly receptive, a serum pampers your skin with highly concentrated ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin.

The ingredients Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are part of many serums, as they deeply moisturize the skin, lighten pimple marks and reduce wrinkles. Sera support the natural regeneration of the skin and thanks to their light, liquid texture they are quickly absorbed, leave no residue and are therefore perfect for hot summer days. While serums are a perfect complement to toners, moisturizers and the like in the cold season, applying a serum for daily moisturizing care can be enough in summer. 


Tips for proper sunbathing

Mit diesen Tipps perfekt durch den Sommer

Tip #1: Drink enough water (2-3 liters a day)

Tip #2: Avoid midday sun (between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.).

Tip #3: Apply lotion again and again after bathing

Tip #4: Use moisturizing shower gels and soaps (moisturize your body) – avoid additional care products with a high fat content

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