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The holidays can come! Step by step for party make-up

Whether it's Christmas or New Year's Eve: Holiday time = party time! Above all, we want one thing – to have fun and enjoy the evening. You definitely have the perfect conditions for spending an unforgettable evening if you show up in a good mood yourself. This is mostly the case when you feel comfortable with your look. Whether drama queen or make-up muffle: With these tricks your party make-up will be particularly successful:

1. The Right Moisturizer - Step 1

Feuchtigkeit vor dem Make up

Before applying make-up, you should cleanse your skin thoroughly. Because dust, dirt and sweat accumulate on the skin throughout the day. The consequence? The skin looks tired, stressed and drawn. The right skin cream provides the skin with moisture and serves as the ideal basis for the subsequent make-up. It is best to also pamper your skin with a gentle facial massage. The skin is not only well supplied with blood and appears rosy and radiant. But you also ensure that the active ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin and unfold their full effect.

2. Naturally white teeth - This will make your smile even more beautiful

Mother Nature Cosmetics Aktivkohlepulver

Admittedly, any type of teeth whitening takes time. Still want to give your teeth a quick shine upgrade? Activated charcoal powder binds the tiny particles that are responsible for the discoloration on your teeth and thus ensures a bright white smile. The fine microgranules of the Mother Nature activated carbon powder are also suitable for sensitive teeth and gums. Put some activated charcoal powder on a toothbrush, moisten with water and brush teeth gently for 2-3 minutes. For naturally white teeth that make every smile that little bit more beautiful.

3. Basic work: Foundation, concealer and Co.

Concealer gegen Augenringe

Whether you use powdery textures or prefer a liquid foundation as a primer is entirely up to you. However, take your time to choose the right foundation for your skin type.

Liquid foundation is best worked into the skin with a large brush or with your fingers. Concealers under the eyes make dark circles and redness disappear in no time. When applying foundation, it's important to note that you start at the forehead, cheekbones, chin, and bridge of the nose. Spread the foundation from these points until all blemishes, spots and redness are well covered. Tip:  Lighter tones make it easy to set accents, while darker tones give contour to the face. 

4. Eyeshadow love: This is how you do the latest make-up trends correctly

Now it's the turn of the eyes. Choose the look that you feel most like. Keep in mind that you can choose something more extravagant for parties. Some trendy variants are currently:

Cut Crease

Auffälliges Party-Make Up

This current megatrend is all about the eyes. These are optically enlarged, making the face appear “more alert” and more present overall. You achieve this look by working with light and dark tones. The crease of the eyelid is used as the border between the two eyeshadow colors. If the crease of the eyelid is strongly emphasized with a dark tone, this makes the eyes appear large, dramatic and mysterious.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes schnell gemacht

Smokey eyes are a classic among eye make-ups and are particularly popular at parties. To get the smokey eyes right, first draw a thin line very close to the edge of the lashes with a well-sharpened kajal. The eye immediately appears more defined and expressive. Then the eyes are strongly emphasized with a dark tone. Dark shades of brown or gray can be more flattering here than a jet black. At the end, a liquid eyeliner is used to create a stronger one eyeliner pulled. Several layers of mascara dramatize the look in no time, the look looks magical and mysterious. 

5. Metallica for the eyes: gold and copper tones

Auffälliges Party Make Up

The look of the hour lets the eyes shine intensely, looks glamorous and elegant. Eyeshadows in gold and copper tones are perfect for turning the lid area into a metallic eye-catcher. Work the light gold tone from the inner corner of the eye towards the middle of the lid. The darker copper tone is applied from the middle. Iridescent particles add even more glamour. Deep black mascara and accentuated eyebrows effectively round off the party style. 

6. Lipstick - the right shade for every skin type

Lippenstift Party Make Up

To get the best look on the lips, you should exfoliate the lips before applying the lipstick. The lips are then soft and rosy, the lipstick appears more even and also lasts longer. For even more expressive lips, you should trace your upper and lower lip contours with a lip liner. For even more volume, you can trace the heart of the lips outside of the lip liner contour with a white kajal pencil. Then the lips are painted with lipstick. This works particularly well with a special lip brush. A bright red suits every woman. Gloss flatters especially narrow lips. Ever heard of the so-called ombré look? Two tones, with the lighter one applied in the middle of the mouth, give the lips extra volume.

7. Glitz'n Glamour: Sparkle upgrade for the make-up lazy

Mother Nature Cosmetics Naturkosmetik Glitzer Make Up

Basically, the makeup is finished with the lipstick. At parties, however, you can attract additional attention with other sophisticated elements: Experiment, for example, with glitter or with pretty stickers like stars or the like - ideally even tailored to the party motto. You're not that into make-up, but still want to attract attention? Fine sparkling accents go best with (almost) make-up-free skin. Brush eyebrows with transparent gel in the direction of growth, apply a little mascara – the quick Goldmarie style is ready. 

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