Eyeliner schnell gemacht

Cat eye alarm: How to achieve the perfect eyeliner

There are so many eyeliner shapes - but which is the perfect eyeliner for you? We've looked at the 5 most popular forms of eyeliner and how they differ in terms of pros and cons.

liquid eyeliner

In liquid form, eyeliner is widely used. This is applied using an application tool, which is usually in the form of a small brush in the screw cap. Such textures, which are applied with a felt tip, are also becoming increasingly popular.
Liquid eyeliner is characterized by the fact that it provides a lot of saturation and contrast to the lid, and allows precise edges. The color result is usually just as good as the durability. At the same time, these are difficult to remove, and if you make a mistake when applying make-up, it is very difficult to correct. The liquid eyeliner is also not suitable for application on the inner lid. Eyeliner is now available in all imaginable colors, and there are no limits to the form in which it is ultimately applied.

Dem Eyeliner sind heute keine Grenzen mehr gesetzt

Felt tip eyeliner

Felt-tip eyeliner is basically a modern take on liquid eyeliner. But instead of a brush for application, this variant has a texture-soaked mine, which is used directly. This brings advantages How the fairly quick and uncomplicated application. Removal is much easier than with liquid eyeliner, and the texture usually dries relatively quickly. However, these eyeliners are usually not water-resistant and therefore not nearly as durable as liquid eyeliner. Some sensitive skin types can also experience intolerance. Usually you get very little for the money, since a refill is used up quite quickly.

Mit einem Gel-Eyeliner lassen sich schnell und einfach Effekte erzielen

Kajal or Eye Pencil

The eyeliner in the form of a pen are very diverse, and sometimes differ significantly from each other. Variants are available that have a solid mine, which allows very precise make-up, to softer variants that are more resistant. There is a pen for every style and occasion. In addition, the application of eyeliner pencils is very easy and the pencils are available in a wide range of colours. The eye pencil can also be removed quite quickly and is also relatively hygienic, since it can always be re-sharpened. On the other hand, such an eyeliner allows less pronounced contrasts compared to liquid eyeliners, and in many cases they do not last particularly long.

Eyeliner - auch als Kajalstift sehr einfach zu handhaben


Gel eyeliners have made life easy for many women. They are extremely versatile and allow a very practical use due to their very easy handling. With a gel eyeliner you can also work very precisely, the durability is high, and the gel can also be used on the inner lid. However, a jar of gel eyeliner is such a thing: Because it is not uncommon for the texture of the eyeliner to change as the jar is used up.

Eyeliner aus dem Tiegel? Nicht ganz einfach, aber effektvoll


Powder eyeliners are used less frequently. The reason is probably that they are very dusty and therefore difficult to handle. The effect achieved is all the better for it: you can hardly achieve similar contrasts with any other eyeliner. Naturally, mineral pigments are also very well tolerated and are therefore also well suited for the inner lid. However, the variety in terms of color often leaves a lot to be desired.
Overall, one can say that each eyeliner has its advantages for the respective application. Depending on what effects you want to achieve, how much time you have to put on make-up, and for which occasion you are preparing, other eyeliners are suitable for use.


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