5 Gute Gründe für Naturkosmetik

5 good reasons that speak for natural cosmetics

A healthy lifestyle has become a matter of course for many people. This includes a healthy diet with as little pollution as possible, regional vegetables and fruit and organic meat, as well as treating the environment responsibly, for example by using recycled materials. But you still leave chemical substances on your skin because you think they are more effective than natural cosmetics? With us you will find out why switching to natural alternatives can be worthwhile when it comes to caring for your skin.

Happy skin without harmful substances 

Every day we absorb a wide variety of substances and particles from our environment through our skin. This also applies to the most diverse synthetic ingredients that are contained in conventional cosmetic products, such as fragrances or preservatives. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, these artificial substances can cause irritation and skin irritation.

These 7 reasons show you why natural cosmetics can be a sensible alternative:

1. No waste products on the face 

Conventional care products often contain paraffins, silicones or glycerin - these are basically waste products from the mineral oil industry. In natural cosmetics, these ingredients are absolutely taboo. For example, instead of paraffins, which form an impermeable layer on the skin and are therefore often used in lipsticks, for example, they are being replaced by unpolluted alternatives such as waxes or vegetable oils.

2. Vegetable preservation for better skin tolerance

Synthetic preservatives are mainly used in cosmetics because of their antibacterial effect. However, parabens, emulsifiers or isothiazolinones are not harmless ingredients as they can easily lead to skin irritation. Instead, natural cosmetics rely on plant-based preservatives such as sorbic acid or essential oils, which entail a significantly lower risk of allergies.

3. Give your skin a break

Face creams, make-up, shower gels and body lotions are part of the daily care ritual for many of us. The skin gets used to the daily dose of chemicals and often reacts irritated at first when this daily care is replaced. In the long term, however, treat yourself to a break from artificial ingredients and support your skin's natural radiance and resilience.

4. Benefit from nature and protect it 

With natural cosmetics, you not only use the advantages of natural ingredients, at the same time they also represent a contribution to dealing more conscientiously with mother nature again. In contrast to chemical substances, the natural ingredients in natural cosmetics are much more environmentally friendly because they are more easily degradable.

5. Natural cosmetics contribute to animal welfare

Natural cosmetics often offer another, very important advantage over conventional cosmetics: they do not use any animal raw materials from dead animals or animal fats or animal testing. Incidentally, this does not mean that natural cosmetics are automatically vegan: honey or milk, for example, are often used.

Would you like to get to know Mother Nature's natural cosmetic products?

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