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5 beauty trends that are making a comeback

In the fashion world, the 90s are en vogue again and are celebrating their big comeback in all their facets - from the grunge look to the logo sweater to platform shoes. Of course, this trend does not stop when it comes to make-up. We will tell you here which make-up variants you are currently at the forefront of.

Der Gwen Stefani-Look

One of the absolute style icons of the 1990s, the singer Gwen Stefani, was already demonstrating how to accentuate lips in a particularly dramatic way: with dark, rich tones. Burgundy, blackberry and plum are all the rage again and look best in matte finishes, with black lips once again being an option for the really daring. Once again, the right lip care is essential if you opt for such eye-catching lipstick colors. If in doubt, treat your lips to a lip scrub so that they are not brittle and cracked. It is also advisable to first trace the contours in the color of the lipstick in order to achieve a perfect result.

Metallic eyes and lots of eyeliner

In the 90s, it was mainly on the eyes that glittered. Metallic eyeshadows with a glossy effect, preferably in gold or silver, were used generously. In the modern variant, the color tones are a bit more muted and natural, such as rosé or brown, but it can glitter properly again. 
By the way, another trend for the eyes that has risen again is colored eyeliner, for example in shades of blue. These color nuances ensure that the eyes shine much more, but are not necessarily suitable for friends of understatement. The thickly applied black eyeliner is currently on the rise again. Applied around the eyes and slightly smudged, it creates the perfect 90s look.

Glued eyelashes

For a long time, mascaras were advertised as being supposed to accentuate each individual eyelash in a particularly beautiful way. Sticky eyelashes were rather undesirable. That changes this season. Because the new trend is called: Clumpy Lashes! Mascara can now be applied extra thickly so that the eyelashes look glued and lush. The look is also reminiscent of the 1960s doll eyes of supermodel Twiggy. In addition, rather lavishly accentuated eyebrows and the eye-catching look is complete.

Dream in Peach

Also very popular at the moment is a shade that revives summer feelings in winter: peach. Whether on the eyes, cheeks or lips, peach tones provide a refreshing change even in the cold winter months. For example in the form of peach-colored eye shadow, which can be applied generously around the eyes, or a delicate lipstick, which is beautifully emphasized with a little lip gloss.

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